Give TwoFlyGuys Media the opportunity to tell your brand’s story. In the social media driven world that we live in, video has become THE way for a brand to reach its audience. Our strategy is to leverage the creative against the noise that exists, so that your story is louder than the rest. Because each client’s needs are different, let’s connect and see how we can work together.

Two Fly Guys shot this video to demonstrate and generate excitement around Case Status’s new implementations of AI into their software. Through a series of filming several “fire side chat” podcast style interviews, we were able to pull testimonials from several hours of content to assemble a video that brings everything together in an easily viewable form for their website.

The Rincon Church of God has partnered with Two Fly Guys on several occasions to cover events throughout the church. The church wanted a recap video showcasing Easter, their biggest Sunday of the year – we were able to attend the service, capture all the activity, and have the video back to them within 4 days to present to their congregation the following Sunday. If your project requires quick turnaround times, Two Fly Guys can deliver. 
The 3rd annual Parker College of Business GALA hosted at the DeSoto in Downtown Savannah. Parker College at Georgia Southern has trusted Two Fly Guys to capture this event over the last 3 years to have video content to promote the event on social media. This video shows off our drones and our ability to capture video/audio in a loud indoor environment. and The GALA is an awards ceremony highlighting some of GA Southern’s greatest partners.
Case Status wanted a commercial filmed to showcase their law firm software and introduce it to new potential clients. We worked with Case Status’s marketing team to develop the script, and Two Fly Guy’s team delivered on the actors, location, lighting, filming & editing to make the project come to life. Case Status’s vision, Two Fly’s delivery.
Bulloch Solutions needed a eye-catching commercial to play across cable networks throughout the southeast that displayed the value of their product. We worked with their marketing team to develop a funny, relatable script. Our video editors got hard to work to create this video complete with special effects.
Love Your City Sunday is a Sunday where Rincon Church of God goes out into the community on different service projects throughout the City. Because this Sunday is different from most, Rincon Church of God wanted a video to capture all that they do in order to promote the event for the years to come. Two Fly was able to gather separate interviews to tell the story of what this day means to so many. We delivered the highlight video within 4 days to be shown the following Sunday’s service.
FPV is all the hype! In the past, the Botanic Gardens of Statesboro had drone video; but the traditional style of flying a drone from above really made the property feel small. A disconnect, if you will. TwoFly developed a flight path with an FPV drone to showcase the property all in one continuous video, really taking the viewer on an adventure through all the amazing parts of the garden. This type of work is great for indoor, real estate, or anything that mixes drone video with traditional camera movements.
Max’s Fix-IT 24/7 is a rebrand of a 20 year old heating and air business in the Charleston area. Because of the new look and new branding, Max’s Fix-IT 24/7 partnered with TwoFly on a monthly basis to create 4 videos per month that each focus on different areas of the business. With these monthly videos, they are able to penetrate the market and get their new branding out there quickly.