Give TwoFlyGuys Media the opportunity to tell your brand’s story. In the social media driven world that we live in, video has become THE way for a brand to reach its audience. Our strategy is to leverage the creative against the noise that exists, so that your story is louder than the rest. Because each client’s needs are different, let’s connect and see how we can work together.

Bulloch Solutions is a local solution provider that incorporates the most modern telecommunication services to the community using the latest technology. Bulloch Solutions called on Two Fly Guys Media to capture their smart home technology offerings. With smart home technology changing the landscape of the world, our strategy was to create a video that was informative and captivating. We implemented drone footage and the latest in audio and video to capture an informative series surrounding their smart home innovation.

Soyumi Asian Kitchen was a restaurant that needed to break through the noise of social media and successfully did so with this highly unconventional rap video. TwoFlyGuys Media handled audio production to video distribution and the impact was huge. The restaurant itself saw a 35% increase in sales as well as guests “singing” the song as they were walking through the doors.

Located in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, Clyde Market is a premium coffee shop that features creative, and tasteful, beverages and food offerings. They hired TwoFlyGuys Media upon launching their brand to create a commercial video featuring their food products along with a classic Meet The Team film for the masses.

The You Got Served Series took a restaurant’s simple act of kindness for local businesses and organizations and framed it in a way which had the ability to reach in a major way. This series of advertisements reached close to 1 million views on Facebook alone! These type of advertisements is what sets the TwoFlyGuys team apart from your standard media companies.

The NAV company focuses on providing resources to SBAs, and had selected Three Tree Coffee as the winner of one of their quarterly grants. In this video, we strategized with the NAV team to catch the moment that it is revealed that Three Tree Coffee had actually won the full amount. Your audience wants to see the authentic moments and cheer for the growth of your business.

Nav, a returning client, saw the value of the work that TwoFlyGuys did and had us shoot another winner of their quarterly grant. Che Butter Jonez is a food truck that is located in Atlanta, GA. Our goal with each video is to highlight the energy that your business has and pair it with crisp audio and clean visuals so that we can tell your story effectively.

Rhootman Beverage Company needed high quality video to showcase it’s line of beverage enhancers. Our videos captured the essence of the owner as well as the simplicity of the making a cocktail.